Sarah Ullman

Sarah Ullman, 30, is a progress-minded filmmaker and advocate for equity in all its forms.  She is the co-founder of One Vote at a Time, a grassroots PAC that produces and donates compelling political campaign ads for progressive candidates without the means to make their own. Sarah started the all-female organization after the Pulse nightclub shooting in 2016 with the goal to make free-of-charge ads for candidates who believe in gun safety.  In 2017 they made over 30 ads for 19 candidates in Virginia working with 10 out of the 15 Virginia Democrats who flipped seats from red to blue in a "blue wave" election - including the first transgender elected official and first openly lesbian elected official in the state’s history. 

In 2018, with a majority of funding from Joss Whedon, One Vote at a Time raised just over 1 million dollars and worked in 10 states including Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Michigan, New Hampshire, Texas, Wisconsin, Colorado, Arizona, Iowa and Ohio.  This year they worked with 191 candidates, creating and delivering over 600 pieces of content. One Vote at a Time worked with winning candidates like Anita Earls, a civil rights attorney who won a Supreme Court seat in NC, Zach Wahls who won the Iowa Senate and is activist on behalf of LBGTQ, and Michigan candidates including Dana Nessel who won Attorney General in Michigan and Haley Stevens, MI-11's newest Congresswoman.  79 of One Vote at a Time’s candidates won; ¾ of which were women; and 76 of the wins were flips, truly a great number considering the wins came in some of the toughest, most gerrymandered states like Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and North Carolina.

In addition to her work with One Vote at a Time, Sarah is a freelance director, most recently directing the first and second seasons of Your Food's Roots with Zooey Deschanel for ATTN: and videos about gun violence for Joss Whedon’s progressive SuperPAC "Save The Day."  This spring Sarah led a team of seven as the official documentarian for the Parkland Students “March for our Lives” event in Washington, DC.  She co curated The New Genres: Video in the Internet Age, a four month exhibition at the Museum of Moving Image (MoMI) in Queens, NY that explored the history and appeal of videos on the internet and how the way we watch, make and share moving images has changed. The retrospective celebrated the influx of new voices that invented entirely new genres of video as entertainment, instruction, self-expression, and was on display from May – September of 2018.  Over the summer, Sarah partnered with non-profit Mina's List and taught a campaign video workshop for women running for Parliament in Afghanistan. Before launching One Vote at a Time in 2017, Sarah directed the short political comedy video #DoYourJob, which garnered 11M views and 200K shares online and also created “The Jungle”, a newsletter about the digital video ecosystem with an audience of studio heads, agents, executives, and content creators. Based in Los Angeles, her production company Master Plan provides production and consulting services for both documentaries and scripted projects.  Sarah believes that storytelling has the power to galvanize citizens and move society forward, one vote at a time.